Phil Wickham

Album Title: Cannons
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Pop/Rock
Ethereal soundscapes open as we’re met with Phil’s signature aching vocals. Cannons is definitely more about the power ballad than Wickham’s self titled debut, but while this record has more danceability, it stays true to Wickham’s diary entry perfection with words of fire rolling off his pen and pad.

“Your coming is as sure as the sun is rising” on “Must I Wait” and the worshipful “The Light Will Come” all produce glowing rays of hope and assurance. Wickham, in my books, could just use his vocals to soar through each song without words and they’d make sense; the passion, the urgency, the aching, it’s very Buckley-esque.

The title track really does capture the entire album, “Cannons” ushers in beautiful imagery of the sun, moon and start knowing who God is and we’re still baffled in the mystery or just completely awestruck. Wickham says “the music of the universe plays” and asks us to join in the song. Wickham knows the words, the pen to paper, it’s a marvel to begin unwinding the words in your mind though that have been in fact dancing in the air declaring the glory of God at all times, and Phil helps you realize them. “Sailing on a Ship” also references about going to God’s heart is like our search through the universe, “my sails filled with your breath”; we can’t fathom how big his heart is for us after all He’s done.

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Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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