Jody Cross

Album Title: Rekindle
Release Date: November, 29, 2005
Genre: AC
Ottawa native, Jody Cross has been involved at Harvest Bible Chapel in Barrie,ON since 2001 and has continued with them and his ministry Window to Worship to equip worship leaders in “rekindling” their congregation with a love of worshipping God. Rekindle won for Best Praise and Worship Album of the Year at last year’s GMA Covenant Awards in Calgary and there’s no doubt why; Cross has dedicated the album to sincere worship and showed us how we can incorporate worship not just in song, but by doing every thing in our day for the glory of God.

8 of the tracks were written by Cross and run with his uplifting, energetic offering of truth filled worship. Tim Hughes “Giver of Life” gets a fresh rendition by Cross and Travis Doucette, another worship leader with Cross at Harvest Bible Chapel has also written on the album. The title track “Rekindle” is based upon the hymn “O Breath of Life” and captures Cross’ desire of God’s message to be on the lips of modern day worshippers; Cross composed a chorus and bridge for the song that is on the CD.

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Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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