Colin Munroe

Album Title: Don't Think Less of Me
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Pop/Rock
One thing is clear, Colin Munroe has an ear for melody. While "Don’t Think Less Of Me" is predictable, it is also as catchy as anything I’ve heard this year. The album’s first track in addition to first single, "World Of Pain" melds typical rock with a twee-pop sensibility. This is to be the predominant sonic theme on Munroe’s debut. The record’s second single "Your Braids" also demonstrates another reoccurring aspect of the young songwriter’s music. Heavy sweeping choruses are rampant on this number as well as on the title track and on "One Draw (You Had Me)". One of the more interesting songs on this album is "Writing (Take It Or Leave It)" during which Munroe ditches the twee and indulges in shimmery, lush pop/rock. However, many of the songs tend to run together and this may be something Munroe will have to consider on his next release.

This album is not anchored in lyrical depth. This is nothing more than music to tap your foot to and Munroe succeeds in writing music conducive to this behavior. An understanding of who he is and what is memorable truly helps Munroe on this release and with shades of indie rock permeating the polished shell of Don’t Think Less Of Me, it really is a pleasant listen. Simple, enjoyable pop music.

Writer: Vinh Cao

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