The Choir Practice

Album Title: Choir Practice, The
Release Date: June 12, 2007
Genre: Pop
The back photo on the sleeve of the Choir Practice’s self-titled debut is terrifying. It’s terrifying in the way that photos of the Polyphonic Spree are terrifying: You don’t really believe the members are part of a cult, but you wouldn’t be surprised either. Thus, the many members of the Choir Practice decked out in various shades of pink, scattered around the edge of an algae-filled pond and staring blankly at the camera makes one take pause. Luckily, the eerie feeling that descends only adds to the experience of listening to the band’s 11-track record.

The band certainly knew what they were doing when they chose their name, because it really says it all. The layered, twee vocals give the impression someone had a tape recorder handy as a high school choir practiced up in the gymnasium after class. They’ve even got glockenspiels and tambourines to add to the scholarly feel. It’s all very delicate and somewhat kitsch—which means there’s going to be a ton of people out there who will dig it. Based in Vancouver, it seems like the Choir Practice is destined to be another one of those Canadian bands with a constantly rotating cast of players shuffling through the massive collective. But, hey, we love that sort of thing up here.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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