Album Title: You Can’t Keep It Down
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Rock
It’s always heartening to hear stories about how people leave high profile jobs in order to pursue the arts. It always makes the result so much more romantic, and in order to submerse himself in his music, Kiff (aka Chris Gallagher) left behind the worlds most at odds with the arts: politics and business. Y’see, Gallagher quit his day job as a stock trader to produce his debut album back in 2003. The fittingly-titled You Can’t Keep It Down is his second full-length, offering 11 new tracks in the face of his old life. Staying firmly in the realm of AC-friendly lite rock, Kiff employs the services of a lot of whining guitars and sexy sounding snare. It’s nothing entirely groundbreaking, with lots of lyrics about love and life, but it’s certainly good enough for Gallagher to not regret leaving his business career behind. If the fans of Maroon 5 and Rob Thomas get their hands on Kiff’s music, they might just find themselves with another artist to add to their collections.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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