The Scenario EP

Album Title: The Scenario
Release Date: June 16, 2007
Genre: Rock
So maybe the members of the Scenario didn’t magically meet by sitting next to each other on a train to Amsterdam, and striking up conversation about the instruments they were both carrying before discovering they were from the same town in Canada and deciding to start a band. Luckily for the London, Ontario four-piece, they don’t need a crazy backstory to grab attention. The band’s debut manages to do just as good a job. Short even for an EP, the self-titled effort packs insane amounts into its scant 17 minutes. The beauty of such a short first offering is that there’s no need to fluff it up with a ton of filler and the Scenario didn’t waste their time with disposable songs. It starts with the racing pace of “Don’t Wait Up” and ends with the obligatory feedback fadeout found on “Whisper.” The trademark of the Scenario’s sound is definitely Mikey Lavereau’s nasally, Brian Molko-esque vocals, and that’s as beautiful a thing as a chance meeting on a European train.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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