Broadway Calls

Album Title: Broadway Calls
Release Date: July 10, 2007
Genre: Pop Punk
Broadway Calls may come from Oregon but they sure do sound like they’ve spent a lot of time in the state immediately south (that’d be California). The four-piece has got that sunny, pop-filled punk sound that’s come to be associated with SoCal and its spawn—Green Day, Blink 182, et al. It’s no secret that that particular brand of music has exploded far from the reaches of California, past even Oregon, and across the entire continent. Which makes the 14-track debut from Broadway Calls one in an ever-burgeoning sea of similar sounding acts. However, the little hint of a concept album is a nice twist—they’ve got a bit of an audio roadtrip across America going on, with songs like “Back to Oregon,” “Escape from Capitol Hill,” and “Meet Me at Washington Park.” At the end of the road the self-titled effort isn’t any worse than the others out there, but it isn’t any better either.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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