Nathan Wiley

Album Title: The City Destroyed Me
Release Date: May 29, 2007
Genre: Rock
Along with smokey, low-fi vocal effects, Nathan Wiley has a penchant for exploring the seedier side of life. Nothing too dark and taboo, mind. But he does enjoy providing tunes from the point of view of those on the fringe of what’s considered proper society. Merely check out “Sick Side” and “Getaway” if you don’t believe a singer-songwriter from the quaint isle of Prince Edward is capable of such a thing. Just think of him as a folkie Canadian version of Johnny Cash: Perhaps Wiley has never really done the crime, but he sure can sing the song that goes along with it. Even the cover of The City Destroyed Me has Wiley standing before a jury in a mock courtroom drawing. The 13-track album is the musician’s third full-length effort, and it’s very much in keeping with his previous offerings. Steady beats on the snare drum, melancholy melodies, and those slightly twisted lyrics—they’ve’ all solidified themselves as hallmarks of Wiley’s style.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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