Two Hours Traffic

Album Title: Little Jabs
Release Date: July 24, 2007
Genre: Rock
This is the second effort from Two Hours Traffic, and the PEI band has grown leaps and bounds beyond their debut album (which itself was a pretty impressive first go—especially for a bunch of 19-year-olds). Four songs into Little Jabs, and power pop gold is unleashed with “Heroes of the Sidewalk.” Three minutes and 18 seconds of amazing summery guitar pop that begs for an instant sing-a-long—and unashamedly so. Jangly guitar is a major player throughout the 11-track record, probably partly thanks to fellow East Coaster Joel Plaskett, who again helmed the boards for THT.

That you can hear Plaskett’s hand in the mix is an exceptionally good thing. At the record store where this writer clocked hours, whenever anyone requested “some good Canadian music” to share with the folks in their home countries, the first name out of mouth was always Joel Plaskett followed by the Tragically Hip. There’s no reason why in a few years the answer to that question won’t be “How about some Joel Plaskett. Or perhaps a little Two Hours Traffic. Could always give the ‘Hip a try.” Seriously. THT have got that blue-collared, beer-drinking Canadian vibe in wads, and maybe they’ll never be international megastars, but we all know that Canucks prefer their national heroes to be closely guarded secrets anyways.

Now to reiterate the sentiment made when this scribe reviewed Two Hours Traffic’s debut back in that long lost year of 2005: All the four-piece needs is a little radio play to catch the attention of Canada’s generally musically misguided teenagers, and that’ll be that. Please, if you’re reading this and you run a major radio station, just give “Heroes of the Sidewalk” some airplay. For the sake of the nation’s youth. I beg you.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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