Raising The Fawn

Album Title: The North Sea
Release Date: February 24, 2004
Genre: Indie Rock
It's only fitting that Raising The Fawn should allude to a body of water in titling their album. Like the ocean captured in a slow motion photography sequence, The North Sea hypnotically swells and pulls back through an 8-piece collection of Radiohead-esque mini-epics. Gazing inward, Crossingham explores sonic interpretations of love, isolation and a healthy dose of psychosis. Hell, he tackles all three at once during the grandiose 11 minute-long "Drowned."

This is not booty-shaking music. These are not cruisin' tunes. Drums whisper jazz riffs in your ear while guitars lazily explore the upper reaches of their range, forcing your brow to furrow and your mind to contemplate any heady existential crises you may be going through. Not since former Pumpkinhead Billy Corgan has an artist looked so deeply within and pulled so much out for one song. And maybe it's a Canadian thing, but it doesn't seem nearly as ego-centric either.

The bottom line? The North Sea is definitely a challenging album to listen to, but well worth the effort.

Writer: Erica Basnicki

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