Album Title: the.mighty.antlers.of.song EPs
Release Date: July 17, 2007
Genre: Pop/Rock
The adjective “quirky” is one well-earned when you dedicate not one, but two, EPs to animal life. In all truth, the press release for les.petits latest release, the.mighty.antlers.of.song EPs states that the Calgary collective felt “an overriding pressure to limit [their] songwriting to mammals exclusively.” How tongue-in-cheek that quote is intended to be is unclear, but it’s nowhere near a lie. With mention of three animals and two plants in the song titles alone, it’s clear that les.petits love their wildlife.

For some, the blatant quirkiness of the.mighty.antlers will be off-putting, but there’s no denying that the record is wonderfully produced. They’ve got the levels on the acoustic turned way up and the result is terrifically charming in that quirky (there’s that word again) chamber-pop way. There’s also no denying that “submersibles II: the battle of little seahorn” is hands-down the best track on the double-EP. The band also includes a cover of fellow quirky Calgarian Chad VanGaalen’s “Chronograph #1” for that extra push into the bizarre. And, uh, there’s also a song called “best tasting wool in the whole world.” So, that’s pretty weird too.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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