Ken Andrews

Album Title: Secrets Of The Lost Satellite
Release Date: April 24, 2007
Genre: Alt Rock/Pop
Ex-Failure frontman Ken Andrews has established himself as a stellar producer having worked with the likes of Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, A Perfect Circle, and Mae and while his credentials are indeed impressive, how would he fare on his first solo endeavor? Not too badly actually. Opting for expansive pop on the opener, interesting soundscapes and lavish instrumentation help Andrews infuse a swirling, dizzying, and ultimately satisfying dynamic to "Allergic". The following track isn't nearly as compelling and also sets the tone for what is to come for the remainder of Satellite. A quick shift is made to fit into the mold of sharper, crisper, alt-rock. There are still intriguing moments though, such as the first few seconds of "Secret Things", during which an eerie synth line paired with fuzzy distortion come together to form an aggressive orchestral sound not found within the rest of the album. The true highlights of Satellite are the tracks that don't seemingly belong on the record. "What It's Like" and "Without" find Andrews at his most captivating, as the songs border on lush indie/electronica. They almost sound like Soulsavers b-sides and that is high praise when considering the rest of Satellite is mostly forgettable.

As is the case with nearly all albums, there are peaks and valleys. If "What It's Like" and "Without" are the peaks, the fifth track "Write Your Story" indubitably constitutes the valley. Strangely enough, this tedious, dreary midtempo rock song was advertised as a standout track in Secret Of The Lost Satellite's press release. Different strokes I suppose. In summation, Andrews certainly attempts to be creative on this release and he comes away with a few gems that make this effort worthwhile at the very least. Give it a spin.

Writer: Vinh Cao

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