The High Dials

Album Title: A New Devotion
Release Date: July 29, 2003
Genre: Rock
It is so refreshing to see a new band sound old. If you do not know what I mean, just take a listen to "A new devotion". The debut album by the Montreal's quintet The High Dials. Formerly known as The Datsuns this foursome have combined their love of beautiful harmonies and trippy lyrics into a concept album about a guy named Silas. The sharp leads of Robbie MacArthur and bouncy bass lines of Rishi Dhir provide a psychedelic background to Silas's journey through darkness, paranoia, and ultimately regeneration. Although being a concept album, the songs are not really connected to each other. Each song has a similar feel to it but they each could be listened to as separate entities.Overall the passion for life clearly resonates through the music and in dangerous times like these it is really cool to be taken back to a time where Peace and love ruled.

Writer: Adnan Farid

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