Jason Upton

Album Title: Beautiful People
Release Date: May 29, 2007
Genre: Soul
If you've never heard Jason Upton before you need to go and buy one of his latest CDs, period. His work has been led by the Holy Spirit and fantastic musical experiences have been recorded on the fly because of it. Thankfully for Canadians, Jason's music is more widely distributed here in Christian bookstores, but other than that his work is only widely available on his ministry site Key of David Ministries, which has shown him to be a humble artist disinterested in making a name for himself but instead holding up the name of his Maker with simple and honest worship. Before you continue, check out his DVD preview from Between Earth and Sky here www.jasonupton.net/betweenearthandsky/ which was released just a month before Beautiful People, it'll let you in on what Upton brings about through his music. He sings, "Open up the church and bring the real thingÖlisten to the prayers of a dying world/come heal us/only you can do it" with an authentic cry out to God and climactic backing that has undertones of James Blunt. Plainly put, Jason Upton makes music that can move you to a higher place in worship.

Upton's falsetto and jazzy overtones on "All Things Are Possible" reminded me of Canada's own Greg Sczebel while he sang, "don't settle yourself for the wisdom of men/dispensational lies have us hypnotized/compromised/but one dimensional eyes/they will never see the Truth". Another stand out track is "Dear John" with captivating lyrics that sing of the promise in our creation, Upton captures the very breath, the utterance of our hearts. The Irish flute always seems to make a candid appearance on his albums as of late, and the piano, which drives any Upton performance, makes it always a sonically beautiful listen.

For more on Jason Upton, please visit www.jasonupton.net.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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