Kerri Woelke

Album Title: Kerri Woelke
Release Date: February 2, 2007
Genre: Folk
Winnipeg, MB folk artist has delivered a heart breakingly beautiful self titled debut album that lyrically captures the more bittersweet conversations we often have with God. Woelke won the Manitoba Christian Talent Search hosted by Avante Records and CHVN Radio as she proceeded to showcase the journey of where she's been. Her vocals glide over lump-in-your-throat lyrics like, "You say you love me/there's just got to be a catch/hanging on tightly cause I know I'm a mess/how could you love someone like me/I feel like you've done enough/you'll never leave me/it's just not like you, what would you do".

Delightful guitar provide soothing throughout the album as Woelke tackles the questions we all have had, but articulates them beautifully and with fluidity. We're proud she's Canadian and has delivered an honest and grace-filled project all the while putting Winnipeg on the map with another talent to come from its wings.

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Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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