From the Bridge

Album Title: Passages EP
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Singer-Songwriter
Milton, Ontario band From the Bridge has made their debut independent release Passages about longing and transition. In many ways, lyrically, it is a reflection of memories and dreams that you would think about over a glass of lemonade on your back porch. Above all, it's the cathartic poetry of talented frontman Kerr Smith. "Mint" is a standout track with its gorgeous slide guitar opening and lyrics like "the biggest little things I remember," where memories of being in love collide with present heartbreak.

"He who Laughs, Lasts" is a candidly honest track poignantly stating to let go of any inhabitions, "See, there ain't no hymn that I've ever heard/That's said more to me than the sound of one bird/Who'd never think of waiting for some 'right' time to sing." Smith has a solid grasp on writing what it would be like if emotions and words could become tangible, he takes you to that place with vivid imagery. His calming vocals and falsetto also show him as a brilliant vocalist. Lets hope we hear more from this band and see them get on tour behind what will be a delightful "passage" for any listener.

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Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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