Hillsong United

Album Title: All of the Above
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Rock
If there was ever a melodically unique worship band with authentic fire for God, Australia's Hillsong United would win bar none. Not only did they rock the pants off of Toronto when they played Molson Amphitheatre recently, but their lyrics are definitive anthems of pure praise without even needing to touch on the narratives of their own lives to make it authentic. All of the Above also comes with a stunning DVD filmed around the world with excerpts of people talking over urban footage of how they stand for God, Pastor Phil Dooley reading from the Bible, some funny video blogs, and brilliant concert footage. The three songs featured really gives the vibe of what it's like to be at a Hillsong United concert. It's like watching the pulse of our generation's heart beating for God.

The driving electric guitar and broken drum beats are incredible and pour through the faster tracks like "Break Free" and "Solution" and the hook on "My Future Decided" is so much fun when complemented by a delightfully raw vocal. "Hosanna" has gorgeous female vocals singing of revival in our generation and stays true to the classic tonality, but hits home with the theatrical electric guitar solo. A favourite, for those who also appreciate the slower numbers like I do, would be "Found". When you first hear it, it's like hearing someone in relief, whispering sweet praise to Jesus in their prayers. The melody line in "Found" is distinctive to the track and to Hillsong, which is what I love about the band, they keep worship fresh, like there's always something new to discover in how you express yourself to God and what He reveals to you. As they mention on the DVD, they are truly "taking home to the world." All of the Above is definitely one of the best worship albums of 2007 with more authenticity and nuances in each song than I thought possible.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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