The Red Buttons

Album Title: She's About to Cross My Mind
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Pop
I seriously thought this album was available on vinyl and my mother had implanted it in my CD collection. That's not a bad thing people. There's a heck of a lot of cool stuff from the 60s. This modern take on the mop top and Austin Powers vibe really sounds authentically from the decade. "Cruel Girl" opens with brilliant jangly pop and filtered vocals.

The CD is an exploration of two gents, Seth Swirsky and Mike Ruekberg who have enticed fans of 60s music with infectious pop that would suggest their parents were from the Hollies and the Beatles. While the back cover art was a little blurred, giving it more of an indie feel, the music will make you want to throw on your pea coat and Jackie O's and get others in mood for a steady mix of tambourines, horns, and delectable bass.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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