Album Title: It's All Around You
Release Date: April 6, 2004
Genre: Alternative
10 years and five albums into their career, Tortoise have presented us with another album's worth of nourished spoonfulls of Chicago hipster pabulum. It's All Around You combines the willfull obscurity of 1996's Millions Now Living Will Never Die with the surpingly metallic clunk of 2001's Standards and comes out the other end sounding revitalized and smelling like burnt toast. Tracks like "Crest" and "On the Chin" are beautifully arranged with a decided cinematic feel while others like "Stretch (You Are All Right)" merely pulsate. More lame similies could be provided but really wouldn't do a band like Tortoise justice, a band who's best enjoyed through extended headphone exposure. They've made a career of musical multi-tasking and influencing the spotters. Sure, they're an acquired taste but if you like any of their previous album, you will like It's All Around You. It actually might not be a bad place to start for the uninitiated. It's not really jazz and it's not really dub and it's not really rock. It's Tortoise—take it or leave it.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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