Tahiti 80

Album Title: Fosbury
Release Date: November 2006
Genre: Electro/Rock
Indie disco who would have thought it would happen in 2007...especially from a band from Rouen, France. I can see it now, lo-fi rockers in vintage rockin' out to Tahiti 80 spinning the disco ball to "Big Day" and then breaking into the modern electro rock featuring Linda Lewis on "Your Love Shines". Fosbury is a gem in that it takes you back and forward at the same time, the retro beats and the modern experimental sound really does somethingÖgroovy.

There's even a US Bonus EP included in the CD pack with songs like "Give It Away" and "Happy Together" being highlights. Definitely worth a listen for those who like a little something different and yet accessible in their player.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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