Jill Cunniff

Album Title: City Beach
Release Date: February 6, 2007
Genre: Downtempo/Pop
A mention of Luscious Jackson brings back memories of the 90s, but now Jill Cunniff formerly of Luscious Jackson, has come back with her debut solo effort and it's rather intriguing and fun just in time for summer. "Lazy Girls" has a pleasant down tempo beat with catchy lyrics like "hey lazy girls and laid back boys/you've got it right/life's to enjoy/÷keep laughing through the hits and misses" and Cunniff's fascination with snack food begins, on "Lazy Girls" it ends with "eating orange popsicles" and "Happy Warriors continues with "come out of your candy coma/come out of your sugar haze" - maybe she was eating a lot of snacks when making the album, there's always an element of the songwriting process that takes a little sugar kick to get going again. Cunniff has a varied sound that will slow down the pace of your day, this is music to unwind to, but is cool enough to blast in your car with its smooth beats.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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