The Left

Album Title: Untitled
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Pop/Rock
Vancouver's The Left are going to be huge and while their CD is currently untitled as I write this, I think they should just call it, The Left Get it Right. They've opened for Hedley, The Trews and Tal Bachman, but can definitely hold their own.

At first listen, the band instantly impresses with their crystal clear production and lead singer, Kevin Gau's vibrant falsettos and grasp on how to make lyrics come alive which is reminiscent of Relient K. With "Come Follow Me" singing "there's a forest in her green eyes/a fire in the sunrise/burning up the sky" and the guitarist Carl Davis rocks on the "Never Know" riff and the opening of "Eleanor". "Give Love Away" is a classic The Left song and is a perfect anthem to play at their first Juno win, I say this with confidence, because there's no doubt these guys are going places because sometimes you have to go Left to get it right.

Keep your eyes open for The Left in a town near you and check out and for more information.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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