Michael Bubl»

Album Title: Call Me Irresponsible
Release Date: May 2007
Genre: Pop/Jazz
Canadian jazz heartthrob Michael Bubl» is at it again and he's got some zest to his classic ballads this time around. "It Had Better Be Tonight (Meglio Stasera)" shows off Bubl»'s range with vocal height in a highly rhythmic, energetic performance. While "Me and Mrs. Jones" slows things down, equally showing off his vocal ability, but this time with his talent at soft control of the vocal medley.

Bubl» has made jazz crooning cool again with his infusion of pop and soul and a fresh young look. Boys II Men join Bubl» on "Coming Home Baby" delivering the pleasing blend of their soulful vocals.

"I'm Your Man" is probably one of the oddest songs on the album, it's funny to hear classic Bubl» sing lyrics like "If you want a lover/I'll do anything you ask me to/and if you want another kind of love/I'll wear a mask for you/", the song aches with desperation, but the lyrics seem to belong more with today's pop artists than with a jazz CD, but maybe the inclusion of it was to make that point....Bubl» can make any lyric classy.

The CD as a whole is a great listen with Bubl»'s vocals and the brilliant percussion, he's found his niche and is willing to explore more diverse arrangements. I wouldn't be surprised if he could make a jazz/rap album, count me in all the way.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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