Make Good Your Escape

Album Title: Never Look Back Here Again
Release Date: March 13, 2007
Genre: Rock
Hailing from the land known as England, Make Good Your Escape are ready to make their move on the North American market. Their debut full-length, Never Look Back Here Again, has been released with a few extra bonus tracks here in the land of polar bears and igloos. Steve Watts and Tim Foreman, on drums and bass respectively, provide a near frantic foundation for the quartet's music, with lots of cymbal crashes and eighth-note runs. On top of that sits the guitar work of Tim Fleet and Michael Yates (who also happens to provide lead vocals). The guitars are the showpiece of Never Look Back, bright and big and nearly as frantic as the rhythm section. Reminiscent of other bands that are fond of big, bright sounds such as Muse, Make Good Your Escape takes every facet of their sound seriously. I would like to imagine that the band's ultimate live show would include four or five smoke machines, fifty colour shifting spotlights and possibly a laser or two. When paired with epic music like that which Make Good Your Escape creates, there's no denying that would make for one spectacularly awesome show.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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