Secondhand Serenade

Album Title: Awake
Release Date: February 6, 2007
Genre: Pop/Rock
The opening refrains of Secondhand Serenade's Awake bring to mind a very sad sounding All-American Rejects. The resemblance of John Vesely's vocals to those of Tyson Ritter is what they call uncanny. However, the difference between Secondhand Serenade and the aforementioned All-American Rejects is that the All-American Rejects has four members whilst Secondhand Serenade has but one. That's right, Vesely is the sole member of the California based act, and according to his MySpace page, is responsible for "everything." One of the artists that has used the internet explosion to launch his career, Vesely has brought his high-pitched whine to the masses. His Dashboard Confessional-like ballad "Vulnerable" is leading the way, and it's also a jumping off point for the rest of the album. For many the hour-long album is in danger of becoming annoyingly grating around track nine. However, with it's splash of piano and mass amount of acoustic guitar, Awake should be mighty enticing to emo-fed ears.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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