Canteen Knockout

Album Title: Self-Titled
Release Date:
Genre: Folk/Rock
You know what they say about drummers… sometimes they want to come out from behind their kits in order to write their own songs and sing and play guitar (I admit, it's not that well-known of an adage). This is the case with ex-Pope Factory basher Andre Skinner, who's new band Canteen Knockout has recently released their eponymous debut EP. The five tracks are a solid mix of rootsy, Wilco-styler rockers and noisier, nastier guitar dirges. Actually, that's not entirely true because there is actually a real cohesion considering that the slap happy "Hangers" doesn't sound much like the explosive "Chords Ring" and so on and vice versa. The common thread is Skinner's songwriting, which bleeds through with a straight-forward honesty and manages not to bore the listener. The musicianship is solid and again, doesn't alienate the listener with inhuman studio BS and any fancy-pants guitar hooey. These tracks seem ready for consumption, no small feat for such a fledgling act, and could be Skinner's personal rocket to the stars. Because this KO packs a punch, baby…um, yeah.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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