Fox Run

Album Title: Fox Run
Release Date: October 2006
Genre: Rock
What is that? Is that an organ? Maybe a keyboard made to sound like an organ? Anyways, it's something like that, and it kicks off Fox Run's self-titled album. That's pretty much the only time you're gonna hear it though, because the rest of the 11-track album is all raw guitars and pounding kick drum and whiny vocals. That's not to say the organ doesn't match the emo punk of Fox Runůin fact, it makes for an interesting twist. Fox Run is basically just one guy that goes by the name of Jonathan Steingard, otherwise known as the guitarist of alternative CCM band Hawk Nelson. With a page borrowed from Postal Service's electronic handbook and pure vocals delivering heaps of whine, Steingard steps up to the emo plate with bravado. You like Hawk Nelson? You like forlorn lyrics? You like records bookended with tracks called "Failure Was Not The Start" and "Failure Was Not The End"? If so, then Fox Run is probably for you.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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