The Morning Stars

Album Title: You Can't Change the World
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Rock
There's a wee bit of the psychedelic lingering around the edges of the debut effort from Ontario's Morning Stars. There's also jangle pop and standard singer-songwriter fare and shoegazer-lite. All in all, the music found on You Can't Change The World is much more focused than the quartet's bio would have you believe (that is, the prescribed influences of "the Beatles, Johnny Cash, Velvet Underground"). The title-track is one of the best that the record has to offer, and carries a strong flavour of Oasis (the 'Stars have even got two brothers sharing songwriting and vocal duties!). With big guitars and an even bigger melody, "You Can't Change The World" is a beautifully simple love song with the ability to grab ears with its familiar sound. But it's really the song's two-minute outro that takes the proverbial cake. Give the Morning Stars' debut a spin, and see if you can pick out where all their big-name influences come in. Often you can, but sometimes you can't, and those are the spots where it'd be wise to pay attention.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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