Album Title: Be He Me
Release Date: October 17, 2006
Genre: Rock
It's a little odd that Annuals hail from North Carolina. Not because North Carolina itself is odd in any way, but because the sextet calls to mind a swirl of bands from much farther north. With their debut full-length, Be He Me, Annuals would have nary a fear of detection if they chose to hideout amongst their Canadian brethren. Oh, of course, America has indie rockers too, but if you put a pinch of the Stills, a dash of Arcade Fire and a giant handful of Broken Social Scene into a jar and shook it all up, you'd basically have the Annuals. That's not to say the six-piece doesn't have its own charms, because they certainly do, spiky computer blips included. There's a good chance the Annuals raided the local orchestra pit when the conductor wasn't looking too, as bits of unexpected violin, xylophone and lap steel are found spattered across the disc. Alls I'm saying is, Be He Me is good stuff. Annuals should seriously consider booking a tour of the Great White North in the near future.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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