Album Title: His Last Walk
Release Date: April 10, 2007
Genre: Rock/Metal
Relying on the interplay between throaty screams and syrupy sweet singing, blessthefall's debut full-length, His Last Walk, would fit in quite comfortably between albums from Alexisonfire and Funeral For A Friend. Hailing from the deserts of Arizona, blessthefall has been striving for the big time since 2004, back when they were still duelling in city-wide battle of the bands. With some fair attention paid to guitar work (check the opening of "Rise Up") and an openness to slowing it down (see "Pray"), blessthefall is able to squirm out of the post-hardcore mould every once in a while. Still, His Last Walk is overwhelmingly dominated by impassioned screams and emotionally-driven melodies. It's likely that blessthefall would get along smashingly with their aforementioned international brethren on the road, and fans of Alexisonfire and Funeral For A Friend might discover a new band to check out at next year's Warped Tour.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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