Matthew Herbert

Album Title: Score
Release Date: April 3, 2007
Genre: Soundtrack
Sometimes producer and sometimes DJ Matthew Herbert has spent his life making music sound as best as it possibly can. Herbert obviously has an ear for the minute details of sonic manipulation and a vast understanding of what even a single changed note can do to a song. The English-born artist is also clearly aware of the profound impact music can have on a person. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Herbert has spent a great deal of time scoring films.

Score is a best-of for the musician's soundtrack career (and make no doubt, his music life extends down many different avenues), including tracks from seven different films and one dance performance piece.

There's a good chance most people haven't seen a single film Herbert's scored, but that's inconsequential. The tracks stand on their own, ranging from experimental rhythm pieces ("Nicotine") to beautiful accordion-driven melodies that evoke images of a Parisian afternoon ("Caf╚ De Flore (Trio Reprise)"). But above all stands the piano. Oh, that piano. A classically-trained pianist, Herbert coaxes timeless melodies from the keys, creating beauty that's fit not only for the cinema screen, but for a pair of headphones as well.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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