Steve Porter

Album Title: Porterhouse Vol. 2
Release Date: March 23, 2007
Genre: Dance/House
Steve Porter brings down the house one more time with another full on mix of banging tunes to keep your "weekend feeling" alive all week. Porterhouse Vol. 2, a follow up to last year's release, comes to us in a 2 disc set full of over 50 steaming tracks.

Mix after flowing mix comes out with effortless precision. Full of lively never ending beats this compilation is not for the timid. Porter isn't the type to play tracks full out with sweet little cross fades in between, he flips in and out of tracks like they're going out of style and keeps things fresh, only few DJs do this and he is one of them.

A journey through numerous house styles (old school, breaks) this is a CD you have to experience firsthand to truly appreciate.

Writer: Paul Whitfield

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