Jeremy Camp

Album Title: Beyond Measure
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Pop/Rock
Following Jeremy Camp's recording career is like following a man to the discovery of the Lord. Camp's debut album, Stay brought forth his desire to be hand in hand with God, yet there was still some distance to reach. Restored, the acclaimed follow-up spoke of the distance that was no longer there and told about the intimacy of knowing God. And now his newest release, Beyond Measure is the praise.

Camp sings of how he has found what he needs in life through knowing God and his contentment with that. Teens that are still searching will find solace in this but it will not be as effective as his debut album Stay.

The music itself is focused and driven. Camp can easily slide in and out of country to top pop without the slightest doubtful thought. His transitions are confident and welcomed. The album carries a country vibe, in the narrative sense of the way he speaks of his ability to overcome and rejoice. His voice declares his love for God with an ease of a rocker who gone more mellow with his music.

As a whole the album straddles a tight line between being generally enjoyable to becoming harder to relate for teens that are still indifferent about their faith.

Writer: Lindsey Peterson

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