Lily Frost

Album Title: Flights of Fancy
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Folk
Lily Frost's Flights of Fancy is a rollercoaster ride. Not so much a ride from good to bad but a ride that leaps and bounds from genre to genre. The album might confuse those who thought they were picking up a loving folk disc.

Opening up the gate is "So In Love" a track that sounds like it was extricated from a rave. Buzzing beats electrify the stereo provoking all desire to dance. As we are riding on the high of electronica and the song comes to an end, a whimsical Christmas tune softly sings, "in your presence I don't need presents". Romantic yes, but following the faster joint you feel a little deserted.

Lily hits her stride when she sings what feels what she does best, heartache. The power of her emotion transcends well to all. She almost whispers the words on "All of Us". It makes the listener feel special as though the track was created solely for them. The background's chimes and spins make you feel moved and the lyrics are inspired. After you finish the track you are left with a heart ache but still manage to be fulfilled at the same time.

Each song separately collides with your emotions and makes you feel something worth feeling. Yet as a whole, after each track finishes you are brought somewhere completely different, thus leaving you feeling lost by how different each track has been made.

Writer: Lindsey Peterson

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