Immaculate Machine

Album Title: Pretty Things
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Pop
A band hailing from Victoria BC tries there hand at French, and it works. The Immaculate Machine has thrown together a French CD, which is made up of their English speaking songs somewhat translated. The CD has such a vibe that even Anglophone listeners can sense what the French lyrics mean. The band has taken up an interest in French; one member even accomplished a degree in French literature, Brooke Gallupe (guitar/vocals).

The songs found on Les Uns Mais Pas Les Autres must be inspired by melancholy heartbreak. From a heavy thumbing beat to a soft and warm voice the message stays the same; a broken heart is hard to repair. The songs pull you in while they sing, "Appelle-moi quand l'envie t'en prendra. Je t'appellerai quand je n'ai rien d'autre a faire. Et nous ne serions plus seuls ce soir." Speaking to both French and English hearts saying, "call me when it pleases you and I'll call you when I have nothing better to do." The messages in their songs are connecting with a large audience due to the harsh realities of a relationship that is drowning.

A listener will be pulled in by the touching lyrics but they will stay for the build-up of the band. Only containing three musicians the band has immense presence throughout the record. Their lyrics aren't light but their sound is delightful.

Writer: Lindsey Peterson

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