Norah Jones

Album Title: Not Too Late
Release Date: January 2007
Genre: Folk/Pop
There's something comforting and familiar about Norah Jones. Ever since Come Away With Me entered the scene she's been a staple of those after the tenderness of folk music intertwined with the heart of country minus the heavy twang. Her latest addition, Not Too Late explores much of the same smooth vocals Jones is known for, only this time lyrics are more shaded as Jones talks about broken hearts and regrets. With perpetual harmony, gorgeous vocals, cello, mandolin, and electric guitar this album shines, reaffirming Jones' place among the great vocalists past and present.

Despite the dark lyrics that could be too heavy for some Jones fans, they are sung with such harmony and uplifting beauty the contrast is as pleasing as a gut-wrenching blues song. "Sinkin Soon" is enjoyably playful especially with the addition of the stellar trombone solo by J. Walter Hawkes. "Thinking About You" is another stand out mixing vocals and instrumentation that impact, fascinate, and promote originality of spirit. A great album to pick up as a new or old Jones fan.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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