Stars of Track and Field

Album Title: Centuries Before Love and War
Release Date: June 6, 2006
Genre: Rock
Hailing from the land of Oregon and pinned with a rather long and descriptive name, Stars Of Track And Field made it their mission to merge the worlds of analog and digital. Y'see, they don't have a bassist because they've replaced the rhythm instrument with "bleeps and blurps." The result is indie rock that is reminiscent of the digital infusions created by the Postal Service and Patrick Wolf. However, the digital samples aren't really what sticks in the brain whilst listening to Centuries Before Love and War. The 10-track record is cleverly written, and it's the lyrics that dance in the forefront. By far the shining beacon of the trio's organic/electric experiment is "Lullabye For A G.I./Don't Close Your Eyes." Breathy vocal overdubs are woven amongst quick electric pecks, resulting in a low-key track with an understated political agenda. It's nice when experiments go extremely right.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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