Maren Ord

Album Title: Pretty Things
Release Date: November 28, 2006
Genre: Pop
Judging from sound alone, Maren Ord should be a tattooed, dreadlocked, bandana-wearing hippie, with a standing Friday night gig at the local coffee shop. In reality, Ord is a sweet-faced twenty-five-year-old who scored a minor hit with 2001's "Perfect." Pretty Things is the Edmonton-born singer's third full-length, and this time around, she took the reins on the creative process. That control manifests itself in the aforementioned coffee shop singer/songwriter persona. With nothing but an acoustic guitar (and a spattering of piano), the 12-track album is stripped to the bone. Of course, that also means Ord sounds more like a fledgling artists than one a decade into the grind. The kick-off track comes in the form of "Who Am I," and the soul searching song is the highlight of the album. But mostly the listener is left waiting for Coffee Shop Maren to discover a four-track and find her way further down the musical road.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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