My Architects

Album Title: Grand Designs
Release Date: May 9, 2006
Genre: Pop
Upon my first listen to this debut album from the English quintet My Architects I could feel the influence of the Smiths, Coldplay, and one of
my favourite indie bands right now, Boy Kill Boy. But on the subsequent occasions where I put this CD in the tray, I've come to appreciate how individualistic Grand Designs really is. I hope they'll forgive me.

The acoustic foundation drives each tune through the vast range of tones and
textures and augmented nicely by Rich Robinson's tasteful lead riffs. Dave
Cheetham's percussive work on the first single "Under the Pines" betrays a
jazz influence while on "Please" (my choice for second single) I really
like Matt McWilliams funky bass licks.

Other choice tracks include the driving opener "Airborne", the sad and lamenting "Lists", and the moody and mysterious "Picture". James Sanger, who
has worked with such artists as U2 and Keane, produced most of the tracks. Probably my favourite thing about this album is its live "off the floor" feel, as if you're actually witnessing an intimate performance. Listen carefully and you can hear fretboard squeaks and the squeal of feedback, as if singer Aid Burrows put his acoustic too close to the microphone. Sloppy production? Not on your life. Honest, real music? That's more like it.

Writer: DJ Richie Dynamite

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