Until June

Album Title: Until June
Release Date: March 20, 2007
Genre: Rock/Pop
Opening with a soon-to-be classic from Until June, "Sleepless" has an endearing falsetto chorus that beckons in and out long enough to be appreciated and doesn't outstay it's welcome for those with a limited falsetto tolerance level.

Currently circulating is the band's 3 song EP with "What I've Done", "Saddest Song", and "You Do" which are available on iTunes and represent a more indie rock side of the band. Until June are working with Brian Garcia (Our Lady Peace, Kelly Clarkson) and are comparable in tone to Ben Folds Five on such tracks as "What I've Done", but remain more love-pop oriented than issue oriented in their music.

"Saddest Song" is a gem for the band that needs no polish, the vocal harmony is the stand out for this track. The band makes their music very listenable for those days were you just want to throw in a CD and hum along to the music rather than needing to be caught in a certain mood for the tunes to make sense.

Check them out www.myspace.com/untiljune

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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