Photo Atlas

Album Title: No, Not Me, Never
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Indie/Disco House
The Photo Atlas will take you by surprise. You probably didn't think anything that sounded like geography would be this danceable. With frontman Alan Andrews' familiar, yet unique vocals one gets the impression these guys have been listening to a tri-combo of Hot Hot Heat, The Killers, and Mute Math. "Electric Shock" is the killer opening track, pure brilliance of driving percussion and addictive guitar riffs come at you with a primal drive to dance like there's no tomorrow or stand in awe like a dear in the headlights.

"The Walls Have Eyes" is another stand out track with deep bass accentuating the almost Addams Family like backbeat with claps thrown in for good measure at the end. Track after track, the lyrics coat the accelerating drum line and aching vocals. Photo Atlas is mysterious and full throttle and one band not to miss, so check them out

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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