Funky Nashville

Album Title: Hitch a Ride
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Americana/Southern Rock
Eat your heart out Calexico; Funky Nashville have rolled into town. The dreamy charm of a 1970s Mexican flick or road trip in an old cadillac through the desert is brought to mind when listening to Hitch a Ride. There's something cinematic in the riffs, and Pulp Fiction cool in the rhythms of this album. It's for the cowboy in us all, walking on the edge of town, driving into the sunset, and letting go of our inhibitions.

Americana hasn't been done so well as of late so it's refreshing to see a band make a comeback for the genre. The narratives, vocal harmony, the brilliant slide guitar that winds its way through the entire album, and even a touch of pop influence in "California Mansion Girl" make their way through Funky Nashville.

This is one band we haven't heard the last of, so keep an eye out

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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