Jason Bajada

Album Title: Up Go The Arms
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Indie Rock
Paying tribute to "Mr. Cash and Mr. Smith" in his liner notes presents you with the idea that Bajada will be a mix between the late Johnny Cash and Elliott Smith. He's more comparable to Smith in tone, and perhaps in lyrical sensitivity like Cash, but aside from that, has music all his own despite their influence in his life.

Poetic scrawlings fill the lyrical notepad of this album. "Disease of Being Sad" expresses longing for memories made alive again and then completely changes up to an almost indie bosa nova vibe on "Gentlemen & Gentlewomen" and "Unvisited Stars" with misplaced breaks that show off Bajada's composition in all its glory.

If you love indie rock and the experimental tone that comes from it, give Bajada a listen, you'll be feverishly impressed.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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