Album Title: American Dream
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Hip Hop
Don't you love it when a hip hop artist just floors you with sick rhythms and originality? Put on Lyrycyst's American Dream and prepare to be floored. Ofcourse, behind every hip hop artist there is a back story and Lyrycyst's is an incredible one of courage and redemption.

Lyrycyst's mom had him at 15 and her husband was an abusive alcoholic, so Lyrycyst along with his 2 brothers had things pretty rough. His mom ran away with him and his brothers and turned to stripping to pay the bills, and the nightlife atmosphere introduced her to drugs and soon, she developed a cocaine addiction. Lyrycyst says of the time, "Our family was a complete mess and I was already depressed," he admits. The good thing was his mom ended up quitting her dancing job and opened up a successful tanning salon business, but it didn't end her drug addiction.

To escape all of this, Lyrycyst turned to one of his former classmates who invited him away from the insanity, "I went to church for the first time being completely ignorant because I wasn't raised in a Christian family and I never even heard about Jesus." He accepted God that very Sunday and when he returned another miracle happened, his brothers and mom came to know God too. "I don't know how, but my faith grew so fast. It was like, all I wanted to do was rap for God, get my family on track, and tell others about what I went through."

And that he does on the album. His aggressively honest lyrics proclaim such lyrics as "I don't want to be another rapper out, just leading kids to jail in mass amounts", these raw lyrics infused with rock, pop and emo influence prove to show his ability to transcend genre and telling those who try to cover up with a gang persona that they don't need to hide behind fear to be respected.

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Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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