Album Title: GO: Limited Edition CD/DVD
Release Date: October 31, 2006
Genre: Pop
Devotion has been one of the best albums from the Newsboys I've heard÷until I heard their latest release GO, which refreshed with a pop vibe that thanks to producers Tedd T. and Peter Furler collaberating some new ideas were brought to the table for the band.

Phil Joel recently announced in the news that he was leaving the band to pursue his ministry deliberate people and a solo career full time, so this appears to be the last we will be hearing his rockin' tenor vocal harmony with Newsboys for a while, which is a shame. That being said, new member Paul Colman has done just the opposite, leaving a solo career in favor for joining Newsboys as lead guitarist and for the past year has fit in nicely with the band's rock-worship style.

"Wherever We Go" is the immediate hit single of the album, it was familiar and danceable even before the CD hit stores. The tongue-in-cheek lyrics phrased brilliantly by frontman Peter Furler is what made it so popular and easy to love. "Something Beautiful" reminds me of the scenes shown in Furler's native Australia driving along the coast in the DVD portion of the Limited Edition version of GO. The DVD really does give you a chance to get intimate and interactive with the band and what we see are very human, talented musicians with a heart for God showing us the beautiful landscape of their homelands, whether that be New Zealand, Australia, or the USA. The DVD will leave you in laughs when you find out how hilarious Paul Colman is, he needs to do more comedy. If you can get the Limited Edition, it's worth every penny.

I could go on about the driving rhythm in "The Mission" and "Your Love is Better Than Life" is striking and original. I've also been waiting for the festival hit "I Am Free" to make it to a Newsboys CD so it was sweet to see it here, and lastly "Gonna Be Alright" is simply breathtaking with it's samplings and lyrics interwoven; you haven't seen a Newsboys record so fresh and ready to take over the pop and worship scenes both separate and together. GO stays true to Newsboys form, but takes them a step forward with talented originality on each track.

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Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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