Jacob Moon

Album Title: Eventide
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Folk
Jacob Moon has a way of softly gliding his voice over a song and keeping your attention well until the end of a CD, he could sing anything and I would still appreciate it for the vocal quality. I must say though, this release didn't hit me as 2002's Landing did. There was something about Landing and his aching duet with Lisa Winn on "Leaving" that moved me. The maturity of Moon's recordings has brought him more into the Adult Contemporary genre, and the lyrics that follow. Landing felt more poetic, heartbreaking, and driven.

That being said, Eventide does open up a whole new audience for him, with sing-along chorus' and beautiful violin on "Ok On My Own". Moon is also an amazing guitar player, that is something that is always refreshing on his releases, how he will use his guitar to make the song flow. If he released an instrumental album, I'd snap it up in a second. "Come Talk to Me" has an amazing opening and back beat which could be explored more on his forthcoming releases, a nice blues vibe.

For more information visit www.jacobmoon.com.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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