Il Divo

Album Title: Siempre
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Pop/Opera
Il Divo open with the ever popular Moody Blues cover "Nights in White Satin", and with each echo from the members of Il Divo they let you know they are true pop opera talent. If you don't like pop music, you may not be as thrilled by Il Divo's Siempre, as they do a lot of covers, but pop fans can appreciate paying homage to well known hits and develop a love for opera in the meantime.

If pop music has any romance left amidst the raunchy hip swaggering pop fatales, it's with Il Divo. The group makes music for your mom and your little sister alike and therefore are originals in successfully capturing the attention of the top selling markets; Pop and Adult Contemporary.

This being their third release, it would be good to see them switch it up a bit and do a rock opera record, but perhaps the band and their producers don't want to mess with a good thing while they have it.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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