Various Artists

Album Title: A Brokedown Melody Soundtrack
Release Date: November 16, 2006
Genre: Pop/Rock
It seems like every month there's at least one album released that has Jack Johnson's name stamped on it somewhere. From his solo releases, to his own Brushfire label, to a plethora of soundtracks, Jack Johnson is everywhere. A Brokedown Melody is yet another surfing movie that Johnson has his fingers dipped in, and another soundtrack to which the guitar-toting boarder dude assigns his name.

Alongside Johnson's contribution of a reworked "Breakdown," mellow artists like the Beta Band, Kings of Convenience, and M.Ward add their own two cents. Interspersed with bits of dialogue from the film, the Brokedown Melody soundtrack paints a complete picture of relaxed, worry-free moments atop a surfboard. Fans of Johnson and his solo work will dig this soundtrack, and maybe even use the mainstream singer as a link to the more obscure.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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