Album Title: Oh! Gravity
Release Date: December 26, 2006
Genre: Rock
Since I heard about Switchfoot, from The Beautiful Letdown onward, I have always been impressed with their ability to come up with entire albums while on the road. Jon Foreman's concepts and songs have heavily contributed to rock taking a whole socially conscience turn. Gone are the days of singing about large hair and making devil horns with our fingers (sorry, for those who still do), now it's about bands singing with meaning and causes reminiscent of albums written around the Vietnam war. "American Dream" has some great lines after its opening drum and electric guitar brilliance, "success is equated with excess...I want out of this machine it doesn't feel like freedomÖI want to live and die for bigger things". Switchfoot have taken all people think about as a dream, the "get rich or die trying" attitude and turned it on its head, shining a light on the recognition of living and dying for bigger things than what we can buy.

Switchfoot break up their chords, but not on their vocals, which has become a signature over their past few albums, this is seen best on "Dirty Second Hands". Many of their lyrics are ambiguous though, perhaps the music videos will aid that. Perhaps being ambiguous is intentional, letting people think about what they're saying more rather than passing it off too quickly.

Oh! Gravity is a good album from a band who seamlessly continue to make good points and good riffs with their music, but some change in timing and sound would be interesting in delivering more depth to their musicality, I'd like to see more of what Jerome Fontamillas can do with their sound and where Jon Foreman will take the lyrics next.

For more information please visit www.switchfoot.com.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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