Lisa Papineau

Album Title: Night Moves
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Experimental
Papineau's music is for one of your artsy days, when you feel like painting and writing rather than doing anything corporate. Papineau's vocals are free flowing, each note translating the next. "Out to You" concentrates on the lyrics, "I'm bleeding out my heart until its dry/pour it out to you." While the brilliant "Shucking.Jiving" takes a completely different turn, almost club like with vocal effects a la Jack White and slow rhythms comparable to Portishead. Papineau is definitely experimental, which is completely needed in the landscape of the current musical scene here in Canada and abroad, such as in Papineau's neck of the woods, Paris, France. Bringing fresh vocals is one thing Hollywood can master, but getting a completely experimental, different sound out and having it populate record shops, is completely different. Mute Math have recently done some great things for experimental music, as have Venus Hum. The concentration on sounds, pausing, effects, they all come into play and really suit Papineau and the whole album.

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Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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